Charlotte’s premier business address since 1927.

Tryon Plaza opened its doors in 1927 as the new headquarters for the First National Bank. Then, the hum of ambitious businessmen in fedoras and three-piece suits filled the offices and laid the foundation of this prestigious address for generations of hardworking entrepreneurs.

The unique building was then as it is now – the best of Art Deco design – a mix of textures and touches – from its intricately carved sandstone arch to its massive cast-iron entryway and guardian gargoyles. More than historic and unique office space, Tryon Plaza is a living testament to architectural artistry, historical character and business legends.


Tryon Plaza is owned by The Simpson Organization, an Atlanta-based commercial real estate management firm with office, retail, and residential real estate transactions in excess of $2 billion dollars. Currently, the organization owns more than 1.1 million square feet of space with downtown locations or adjacent to regional malls in seven states, including Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.